New online booking system to ensure social distancing

*Also, if you’re an existing customer, please DON’T click “Register Now” as it will create a duplicate account on our system*
Part of our new booking service is the feature to be able to book your own appointments online. You can also view your remaining minutes and salon information here.
There is an app feature so you can have the booking page handy on your phone for when you want to manage your appointments.

Retubed, Refreshed and Ready

All of our beds have been retubed, the salon has been refreshed and we have all received Barbicide COVID-19 Certifications.  This program is designed to present the most current information relating to COVID-19 that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. 

Spray Tanning - FAST

When you have a special date or event and you’re feeling a little pale, then a spray tan offers a quick solution to achieving a wonderful glow. Call us on 01543 578375 to book your CRAZY ANGEL spray tan now.

Get Tanned Quicker!

In addition to tanning take the opportunity to buy our selection of tanning accelerators which are the best quality.  If you purchase a large bottle then you can leave it with us so you don’t have to carry it around on each visit.

Be A Crazy Angel

Perfect for those first time angels looking to earn their wings with fast flawless results. The Crazy Angel Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. 

We also sell Crazy Angel self tanning lotions so you can keep up the good work at home.

Keeping You Safe

Our goal is to help customers achieve a healthy, responsible tan in our immaculate and friendly shop. Ohana Tanning promotes responsible tanning, our staff are trained to provide educated recommendations for the best tanning results.

Our sun beds are maintained to the highest standards, checked and sanitised after every use. Should you wish to clean your own sun bed cleaning disinfectant and tissue is supplied in all our tanning rooms.

There is a 24 hour minimim time between sessions.